PHILIPS Replacement Blue-tooth Voice GOOGLE Voice Assistant Remote Control

PHILIPS Replacement Blue-tooth Voice GOOGLE Voice Assistant Remote Control

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Product Code: YKR-028

Replaces PHILIPS remote  Blue-tooth 44 key .

Suit for PHILIPS TV.

Original remote quality. One for One.

Voice Control,life easier.

Perfect touch feeling.

No programming is needed, easy to use.

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Philips remote control:   

Regarding comments about troubles with the Philips TV remote control , they are:

The remote fail to work. Turn on the TV a few minutes work, later it does not respond to keystrokes. It helps only off from the network and the inclusion of 20-30 seconds.

Why can not operate the remote control?

How to set up the normal operation of the TV?

Above question will be not complicated, if you have a console with a keyboard, with such a console the radio signals will be controlled. This management makes it possible to simplify communication with the TV. Agree that typing on the remote control is constantly controlling its position, it is very difficult. In the remote control with radio control there is no difference where the remote is sent.

You need to bind the remote control to the TV for proper operation of the remote control. Each remote control has its own identifier, the TV able to remembers with which remote control it works. This is necessary to control the TV properly, because there may be a similar TV nearby, for instance, in a hotel. Binding the remote helps you to bind the remote to a specific TV. To operate the remote control correctly , it requests to make a standard procedure to bind to the TV. It is not too difficult, however, if you don’t have it completed, then it is true that  such disruptions in the work of the television that arise.
How to pairing the remote control (new TV Philips)
Pairing is required in order for the remote control to interact with the TV. After that, you can not control another TV by using this remote control. When you first turned on the TV, you will be asked to press the OK button on the remote control. In this case, the pairing between the remote control and the TV was established. When you turn off the power of the TV, pairing is saved. The TV can store information about the pairing of no more than 5 remote controls.
About re-pairing the remote control with the Philips TV
TV is able to be connected with another remote control. If the remote control has already been paired with certain TV, the pairing method should be different from the method used if the remote control has not yet been paired (example: the new remote control).
How to do if the remote control is already paired with another TV (second-hand remote control) reset Philips TV remote control
To set the pairing, you should place the remote control a short distance from the Philips logo on the TV (about 10 cm) and simultaneously press the (blue) and  (red) buttons. Keep in mind to place the remote control is necessary near the logo. In this place there is a radio signal receiver. Pairing can succeed only with a sufficient signal level. It is a protection against accidental pairing of the remote control and the TV. If the pairing is successful, a message will appears on the TV screen telling about the successful completion of the pairing of your remote control and your TV.
If the remote control is not yet paired with a TV (new remote control, old TV)
Place the remote control a short distance from the Philips logo (about 10 cm) ,then press OK. A message about the successful completion of the pairing.

For stores: To pair a new, not yet paired TV with a remote control that has already been paired with another TV, just simultaneously press the blue  and red buttons while holding the remote control next to it.

By binding the Control Remote to the TV,most problems with remote controls can be solved precisely .


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ABS / New ABS / transparent PC


Fixed Code


Waterproof  / Blue-tooth



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2.4G Hz


PHILIPS / Customized


PE bag

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100pc per Carton

Carton Size

62*33*31 cm

Unit Weight

84.6 g

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9.92 kg

Net Weight

8.46 kg




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